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Must See in Germany!

Updated: Feb 3

How many of these amazing places have you visited yet? I haven't made it to all of them yet but slowly ticking them off! Living in Germany, and Europe in general really is such a great opportunity to see all of these dream locations!

1. Visit the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most significant landmarks in Berlin. 2. Enjoy the view on the Romantic Road from Würzburg to Füssen through southern Germany. 3. Paddle across a lake in a hollowed out pumpkin-canoe at the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival. 4. Eat the best vegan schnitzel at Schnitzelei in Berlin. 5. Drink a beer (or several) at Oktoberfest.

Brandenburg Gate

6. Tour the city of Heidelberg and the Castle. 7. Hike to the Ravenna Gorge in the Black Forest and get a Cuckoo Clock! 8. Explore the Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired Walt Disney’s iconic Cinderella’s Castle. 9. Walk across Krämerbrücke, the world’s longest inhabited bridge. 10. Drive with no speed limit on the Autobahn.

Neuschwanstein Castle

11. Take a cruise on the Rhine River and enjoy gorgeous views of magical castles and quaint villages. 12. See the Berlin Wall and the murals. 13. Marvel at the gorgeous old warehouses in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. 14. Admire the impressive Cologne Cathedral, the most visited landmark in Germany. 15. All the spaghettieis!

Cologne Cathedral

16. Hike down to the picture perfect Burg Eltz. 17. Ride rollercoasters at Europa-Park, the largest theme park in Germany. 18. Attend a Bayern Munich football match. 19. Take a day trip to see the emerald green waters of Königssee. 20. Relax with a spa day at Therme Erding, the second largest thermal bath complex in Europe.

Burg Eltz

21. Trek to the top of the tallest church in the world, Ulmer Münster. 22. Explore the quaint village of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 23. Visit the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. 24. Get into the holiday spirit at a Christkindlesmarkt. 25. Discover a true fairyland at the Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

26. Try Wattwandern and hike across the North Sea. 27. Snack on world-famous marzipan in Lübeck. 28. Vacay on the luxurious island of Sylt in northern Germany. 29. Follow the Brothers Grimm Fairytale Route to discover the magical destinations that inspired their famous tales. 30. Ski in the German Alps and Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze.

If you live in Germany or you are planning a visit and want to explore the country, then I hope you take inspiration from my list!

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