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Ghost Town Hike

Updated: Feb 17

Looking for a fun activity to get the kids excited about? This hike is a 2.0-mile out-and-back trail generally considered an easy route. Make sure you wear clothes you don't mind getting muddy and possibly rain boots for the kids!

Location: Black Diamond, WA 98010, United States

History: "In the 1880’s, fueled by coal mining activity in the area, the town of Franklin was born. Franklin and its associated Oregon Improvement Company mine have a storied past which includes the dubious distinction of having been the site of one of Washington State’s worst mine disasters. On August 24, 1894 thirty-seven miners suffocated due to a fire in the mine that appeared to have been intentionally started. The mine continued to operate for nearly 25 years after the incident, but by 1919 coal mining in the area had all but ceased. With no jobs to sustain them most of Franklin’s residents abandoned the town.

Now nearly 100 years later, some remnants of Franklin’s past can still be found." (Source WTA)

More info can be found here:

Things to do: You will enjoy hiking along the mountain ridge, seeing a small waterfall, and wading through some colorful rocks along the way. Also, keep an eye out for TONS of wildlife!

Note: There is no street parking near the trailhead and be sure to check the weather because it can get muddy!

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