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Best Beaches in Barcelona!

Updated: Jul 18

Make sure you leave early to avoid crowds and pack that sunblock!

Who doesn't love a beach day? Here are all the details on the best beaches in Barcelona and beyond!


These are the best beaches in Barcelona or within easy reach of the city!

  • Barceloneta Beach

  • Mar Bella Beach

  • Ocata Beach

  • Sant Sebastia Beach

  • Canet Beach

  • Nova Icaria Beach

  • Llarga Beach

  • Somorrostro Beach

  • Cala Bona Beach

  • Sant Miquel Beach

  • Bogatell Beach

  • Llevant Beach

Aigua-Xelida beach

8 Stunning Hidden Beaches near Barcelona!

  • Platja de l’Illot

  • Platja Fonda

  • Platja del Portitxol

  • Cala Estreta

  • Cala Futadera

  • Platja de Sant Simó – del Fortí o “del Bunker”

  • Platja de Sant Sebastià

  • Platja del Canyadell

  • Aigua-Xelida a little under 2 hours from Barcelona but so worth it!

Best time to visit:

April, May, September, and October are the best months to go sightseeing in Barcelona. Barcelona is least crowded during the shoulder seasons of March - April and September - October.

Walking through El Born neighborhood.

Most popular neighborhood to visit:

  1. Gràcia. Best neighborhood for trendsetters

  2. Barceloneta. Best neighborhood for beaches

  3. El Born. Best neighborhood for sights

  4. L'Eixample. Best neighborhood for Gaudí architecture

  5. El Raval. Best neighborhood for bars

  6. Barri Gòtic. Best neighborhood for history

Free things to do in Barcelona:

  • Get lost in the Barri Gòtic

  • Arc de Triomf

  • Visit a Museum on Sunday - Visit the free museums on Sundays from 3 pm to 8 pm.

  • See the Roman ruins at El Born Cultural Center

  • Stroll down La Rambla

I have a FULL list of freebies for Barcelona here!!

Arc de Triomf

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